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I'm Nelson, and I'm the owner and sole writer of Canadian Dividend Investing.

I retired from the corporate world in 2022, a few months shy of my 4oth birthday, after achieving financial independence at an early age. I replaced work with travel, golf, extra long lunches, long walks, cooking (a work in progress, but I'm getting better), and, of course, dividend investing. I don't even know how I had time for a job.

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Yes, I really retired off dividends. 

But it's not quite that simple. I didn't wake up one day and decide to retire. I saved aggressively for 20 years, living on half my income and investing the rest. I hustled on Saturdays and weekends while my peers were relaxing, content in knowing my sacrifice would set me up for life. 

I won't tell you about any stocks that are poised to soar next week. There are no get-rich-quick schemes here, no penny stocks or sexy new technologies. Instead, I advocate a downright boring approach -- buying solid stocks with steady earnings growth and consistent dividend raises. 

And then -- and this is the really neat part -- we use those dividends for retirement. It's not hard. In fact, it's simpler than you'd think, especially if you have a little help in your corner. 

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My dividend portfolio covers my expenses and then some. It grows at above the rate of inflation each year, drips into my account without doing a minute's work, and I don't lose a minute's sleep stressing about how my portfolio is doing. The income is there, just like clockwork.

Getting to this position is no easy task. Who has time to follow the markets each day? How does someone identify a good dividend payer from a dud? (And Lord knows, there are a LOT of duds out there) And in a world with shaky dividends, how does one protect themselves from dividend cuts?

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